BEATWISE TRIGGER v1.1 (Post-Jam Update)

BEATWISE TRIGGER has been updated to version 1.1!

This update includes many changes to the gameplay and overall polish. Let us know what you think!

The changelog is below.

  • All guns now reload to max in one beat.
  • Reloading can now be done at any time the player is standing still.
  • There is now an indicator on the title screen showing what controller style the game is currently using.
  • There are now audio indicators when Diot has fired his last bullet and when he has reloaded.
  • Updated some graphics for consistency, most notably Diot and a few of the enemies.
  • Most area names and their descriptions have been changed to reflect lore established since the jam version was made.
  • The music has been adjusted to make the beat clearer in the second and third areas.
  • Diot now only opens doors in front of him, instead of every door around him at once. Saves tokens AND makes more sense!
  • The ghosts in Lab Outpost are now restricted to the beat like everything else.
  • The boxes in Lab Outpost now only shoot while Diot is in range, rather than indefinitely after being activated.
  • The ending animation now has transitions between the images.
  • The title screen logo now beats slower in the first part of the music so it's in sync with the beat in that part.
  • Most of the printed text now has borders, mainly to make the area and upgrade pop-ups more readable.
  • Some slight rebalancing for weapon damage and enemy quantity on each floor.
  • The guns now have muzzle flashes, a recoil visual effect, and their bullets now spawn at the end of the gun instead of on the player.
  • There are now particle effects for defeating enemies and picking up gold.
  • (spoiler) PATSCII-TRON (the final boss) now has a different attack pattern when the hands have been defeated.
  • (spoiler) The piano in the final room is quieter, since Maya and the piano are actually outside, and the piano now resumes after PATSCII-TRON is defeated.
  • Added a new gun: the Zapper!
  • Weapons now have descriptions that appear when you pick them up.
  • Updated SFX for shooting and reloading. (Now the guns go BLAM instead of pfth)
  • Bullets make objects emit particles on hit.
  • Diot's bullets are now faster.
  • Barrels are now solid.
  • The second upgrade has been replaced with a dash ability, allowing Diot to dodge over bullets and enemies once obtained.
  • Barrels now drop a more random amount of gold.
  • Floor generation updated:
    • Fixed shop generation so it actually generates on the end of its path instead of having a random dead end coming off it, and it now has slightly rounded corners.
    • Each floor now has randomised variant tiles scattered over the floor.
    • Upgrades are now obtained one floor earlier.
    • Rooms no longer have to be square, and they now line up with the paths as was originally intended.
    • Enemies can now spawn anywhere in a room instead of just the bottom right quadrant.
    • The base number of enemies in a room is now 2 instead of 1.
  • Visual upgrades to shop item and reload animations.
  • Enemies drop less gold to compensate for how many more there are.
  • ...
  • And an extremely overpowered secret weapon?


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