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man, id love to know how to free the dragon. tried making it to 100 coins but it doesnt look like it worked lmao

This is a well made game, great music, great game play, etc. I really like how the coins represent your life power.

how do i get ore than 2 players


You need to add more controllers to the system then press the jump button to add the additional players.

Thanks for getting in touch.

thank you :)

I love it , So much fun

I love it! That dragon is brutal though!

lovely lovely game here - 2nd boss is too hard for me so ive stopped there but great job , pico 8 rules !

So much fun. The coun animatioon looks really good and it looks really polished. Nice work!

Awesome game! Really well put together. Although I have a question.

I've just beaten the dragon boss, but the way forward isn't opening up. Is this a bug, or have I done something wrong?

Hey thanks for letting us know and sorry about the difficulties we have identified this as a bug and have uploaded a new version of the game.

Excellent! Glad I could help with the bug.

Well done.  oozes atmosphere and uses the assets nicely.