A dungeon crawler made for LOWREZJAM 2020.

Find the exit to move to the next floor. The dungeons will get larger as you complete floors.  Walk into an enemy to attack it. They can also attack you if you go into the space they are moving into.  Pots can be broken by walking into them. They can have gold, sneks, bombs, spike traps, or a life up in them.

After each floor a shop will open where you can buy items:

  • Life Ups will heal you.
  • Damage Ups make your attacks stronger.
  • Escape Ropes return you to the entrance of the floor you are on if you die. You can only carry one at a time.
  • Gems modify the generation of the next floors.

Open the inventory screen with X or M. It shows:

  • The map
  • Which floor you are on
  • How much gold you have
  • The escape rope in the bottom left corner, if you have one

As you go further more enemies will appear:

  • Green gels move horizontally.
  • Blue gels move vertically.
  • Red gels move randomly.
  • Bombs explode and deal damage when the red and white lines touch.
  • Sneks stay still and hiss sometimes. If you move into a tile near the snek while it is hissing it will bite you.
  • Skulls move horizontally and shoot blue lasers downwards which move when you move.
  • Red and green dogblasters shoot slow-moving lasers right and left respectively.
  • Ghosts slowly float through walls towards you.
  • Angry boxes chase you.
  • Rule breakers slowly move towards you even if you aren't moving.


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p8 file, possible?

Deleted post

How do I buy items in the store? When I select item to buy, it goes to the next floor without buying.

you need to press z to buy