A platformer about a ninja cat with a grappling hook.

You have nine lives. Make them count.

How to play
- Jump with O/Z.
- Attack with X.
- Hit enemies while they're not looking to defeat them quickly.
- Press the jump button in the air near a grapple point to grapple to it. (Press up while grappled to reel in faster)
- Hit targets with a star to open a nearby door.
- Once you get the sword, you can switch weapons by pressing DOWN, then X while on the ground. (Current weapon is shown in the bottom left corner)
- Use the sword to dash past searchlights without being caught.

At the end of most levels, break the case and steal the gem to finish. But don't touch the case, it's covered in electricity.


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Really good game! For Reals I played this game for a good 15 minutes. 

hey thanks, glad you are enjoying the game